Joint SFB 1551 & SFB 1361 Seminar Series Event – Matthias Altmeyer

Seminar room 2nd floor Ackermannweg 4, Mainz, Germany

Talk announcement of Matthias Altmeyer *Dynamics and Functions of DNA Repair Compartments* Abstract: Genome stability is constantly challenged by reactive byproducts of cellular metabolism and environmental toxins. Dedicated repair pathways have evolved to deal with DNA damage, and their malfunctioning...

Joint SFB 1551 & TRR 146 Seminar Series Event – Abhishek Singharoy

Minkowski Room Staudingerweg 7, Mainz, Germany

Talk announcement of Abhishek Singharoy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talk title: tba by Assistant Prof. Abhishek Singharoy Arizona State University School of Molecular Sciences

SPP 2191 annual meeting 2023

Save the dates for our upcoming annual meeting in Dresden. September 24 - 28, 2023   More info on location, registration and program will follow soon!

SFB 1551 Annual Retreat

Kloster Höchst Kirchberg 3, Höchst im Odenwald, Germany

Save the date! We are spending our annual retreat at Kloster Höchst more information will follows once they become available