Axel Methner

Axel Methner, Prof. Dr.

Project: R04

2004 Habilitation in Neurology, University of Hamburg
1996 Certificate, Postgraduate course in Molecular Biology, University of Hamburg
1995 MD (Dr. med) Dept. of Pharmacology, FU Berlin, Germany, supervisor: Franz von Bruchhausen
1987-1993 Medical schools (FU Berlin, Université de Paris XI, Brown University, Université de Lausanne)
2012- Professor of Neurology at the University Medical Centre Mainz
2005-2012 Attending Neurologist at the University Hospital Düsseldorf
2004-2005 Attending Neurologist at a large teaching hospital in Hamburg
2002-2003 Fellowship in Neurological Intensive Care at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf
1999-2004 Principal Investigator at the Zentrum für Molekulare Neurobiologie Hamburg (ZMNH) besides the clinical work
1997-1998 Postdoc at the Institute of Clinical Neurobiology Hamburg besides the clinical work
1996-2001 Residency in Neurology with ICU rotations at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf
2010 Ellison Foundation scholarship to attend the Biology of Aging summer course in Woods Hole, Massachusetts
2004 Dr. Martini-Preis (oldest prize for the advancement of clinically relevant basic science in Germany)
2002 Arthur Kling, M.D. award for entrepreneurial science
1992 Biomedical Exchange Program stipend
1991 Bourse d’état, Université de Paris XI