SFB1551 Master Module Practical Sessions: Well-done Team!

Today, Master students successfully completed the 2-week practical (A-Module) of the “Polymer Concepts in Cellular Function” Master Module. This Module, currently in its first edition, was designed by the SFB1551 spokespersons, Dorothee Dormann and Edward Lemke. 

The A-Module practical sessions were developed and led by Saskia Hutten and Nora Knabe from the Dormann Lab, and Joana Caria from the Lemke Lab. The sessions covered relevant technologies widely used in these labs, such as protein purification and characterization of phase separation behavior in vitro.

We are grateful to the wonderful teaching team for their effort and dedication in implementing such a complete and scientifically relevant practical course. We extend our gratitute to the amazing group of students who actively participated and further developed their laboratory skills. We really hope you enjoyed it!

Next week, the B-Module will start under the guidance of Lucas Stelzl & we are looking forward to it!