Seminar Talk by Rohit Pappu

Professor Rohit Pappu from the Center of Biomolecular Condensates at Washington University paid us a visit on campus today. As part of our SFB 1551 Seminar Series he gave a talk about hidden complexities of condensates formed by simple systems. We were pleased to see that no seats were left available in the lecture hall which was attended by almost all network and associated members. 

Rohit Pappu stayed the afternoon to have discussions with interested project leaders across our network.

His talk’s abstract can be read below and also be found on our past events’ page:

Abstract: Application of the physics of associative macromolecules has led to growing recognition that condensates, even of relatively simple systems, form via hierarchies of processes governed by sequence-encoded molecular grammars that go beyond LLPS. The talk will present data and results from experiments and simulations that highlight the importance of phase separation coupled to percolation for systems governed by homotypic interactions, and the relevance of the coupling between microphase and macrophase separation in systems where homotypic and heterotypic interactions work together. Broader implications for complex multicomponent systems will also be discussed.