SFB1551 welcomes Carla Schmidt and Jasper Michels as fully funded members!
We are thrilled to announce that Carla Schmidt and Jasper Michels just joined the SFB1551 as fully funded members with project R15 entitled “Unraveling multivalent interactions in the pre-synapse” 

“We aim at unravelling the architecture of the active zone and, therefore, understand compartmentalization of the pre-synapse into multiple coexisting phases. By making use of complementary experimental and computational approaches, we will generate a coarse-grained model capable of describing the phase behavior of the most important components of the active zone. Exploring the phase space of the active zone scaffold, we will challenge our model allowing us to provide explanations and to make predictions of phase behavior, as well as vesicle recruitment. We will continuously extend our model with the final goal to understand communication between biocondensates in the synapse during neuronal signal transmission.” (Jasper Michels & Carla Schmidt, in SFB1551 R15 project proposal)

Carla Schmidt (JGU) and Jasper Michels (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Science) were already actively involved in the SFB1551 since 2023 as associate PIs. Following the submission and approval of their follow-up project proposal within the SFB1551, we now look forward to seeing their science progress even faster!