A new SFB1551 paper is out! Congrats to Edward Lemke
Check out the new article from Edward Lemke on “Intrinsic disorder: A term to define the specific physicochemical characteristic of protein conformational heterogeneity”
In his commentary in this issue of Molecular Cell, Struhl reasons that the term “intrinsically disordered regions” represents a vague and confusing concept for protein function. However, the term “intrinsically disordered” highlights the important physicochemical characteristic of conformational heterogeneity. Thus, “intrinsically disordered” is the counterpart to the term “folded, ” with neither term having specific functional implications.”
You can download the article using the link: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1it8J3vVUPRlYS
Congratulations to Edward Lemke and all the authors: M. Madan Babu, Richard W. Kriwacki, Tanja Mittag, Rohit V. Pappu, Peter E. Wright, and Julie D. Forman-Kay