SFB1551 at JGU’s Day of the Faculty

On January 31st 2024, Edward Lemke was invited to present the SFB1551 at the Day of the Faculty. Among more than 150 members of faculty and students who attended the event in the Alte Mensa, Edward engaged the audience in understanding the potential of applying polymer science concepts in the study of essential biological processes, focusing in the very basic polymeric nature of DNA, RNA and proteins.

Teresa Dias, who joined the team as the new scientific coordinator for the SFB1551 early in January 2024, also participated in the event with a poster, together with her peers from the 4R: R-loop Regulation in Robustness and Resilience, SFB1361: Regulation of DNA Repair and Genome Stability, the IMB Training Programme Team and the Institute for Quantitative and Computational Biosciences (IQCB).