SFB1551 @ Jugend forscht 2024

Can Yildirim’s Award-Winning Project at Jugend forscht Competition

On the 16th of February, Can Yildirim took center stage at the Jugend forscht competition hosted by JGU, presenting a project that would earn him the highest accolade in the biology category.

Under the mentorship of Susanne Gerber and postdoctoral researcher Alejandro Cerón, Can meticulously developed a cutting-edge laboratory protocol aimed at the precise isolation of cell nuclei. This was complemented by an innovative bioinformatic analysis and decontamination pipeline he designed. His method stands out for its ability to significantly reduce mitochondrial contamination, addressing it both experimentally and computationally.

The data generated from Can’s research on nucleosome patterning is unprecedented and holds great promise for the scientific community. It paves the way for more accurate models of chromatin structure and has potential applications in epigenetic research. Moreover, Can’s findings could play a crucial role in enhancing our understanding of DNA and chromatin’s three-dimensional structures over the long term.

The jury at the Jugend forscht competition recognized the significance of Can’s commitment and the scientific merit of his work, awarding him 1st place in the field of biology. His success is a testament to the importance of nurturing young scientific talent and the potential breakthroughs they can bring to the world of science and medicine.

Can’s work was a key part of Project R10, made possible thanks to support from the SFB1551.

Can Yildirim with his mentors, Susanne Gerber and Alejandro Cerón.​