SFB1551 Seminar Series – Andela Šarić

Invited speaker Andela Šarić, from IST Austria, joined us on February 6th for the SFB1551 Seminar Series. In her presentation, entitled “The original curve: one becomes two & two become one”, Andela approached two crucial biological phenomena involving biological membranes: cell division and the emergence of eucaryotes (symbiosis between Archea & Bacteria).

Through a series of animated simulations, Andela guided us through the physical processes involving cellular membranes, such as membrane reshaping, cutting, trafficking, sensing, and membrane-mediated assembly. In particular the role of ESCRT III filaments in cell division, as well as their active assembly and disassembly.

Judging from the attendance (a full-house!) and active participation of the audience, it was definitely one of the highlights of the season! Thank you Andela for such an amazing talk! We’ll see you again soon at the Liquid Matter Conference here at the JGU in September (22-27)!